Hi, I'm Michelle Tresemer.


I've been the one-person marketing department. It kinda sucked.

It was lonely. I didn't have anyone to bounce ideas off of.

My boss didn't understand marketing and was no help...he just wanted "results" but couldn't define what that meant.

There were a million training options but I had no idea which courses I actually needed.

Many of the expensive courses were either too broad or way too detailed - but I didn't find that out until I had already enrolled and started.

The list of struggles could go on...

I hit a wall with what I could learn at my day job.

I wasn't getting the experience I needed so I had to look outside my 9-5. So I...

  • Took $10/hour gigs off Craigslist when I needed to learn something new.
  • Volunteered every chance I got to get even more experience and network. 
  • Subscribed to every newsletter in existence.
  • Got my MBA while working full time because I thought I was missing something.
  • Read. All. The. Books.
  • Went to every damn conference I could possibly afford even when my employer wouldn't pay for it (and yes, I used vacation time for it).

What I really needed was someone who had done this all before.

I needed a mentor.

I needed a group of people more experienced than me to get me to the next level.

If I had this program back then I would have:

  • Learned 10x faster
  • Had a lot more fun with less stress
  • Definitely felt way more confident when going toe to toe with my boss on marketing decisions

I built the program I needed so you don't have to work two jobs to learn what you need to level up...and not be so freaking alone on your journey.

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I tried a lot of things. You have options!

Udemy-type courses -> great topics but not tailored to my situation, no accountability, no interaction

YouTube -> Lots of videos, but too many to weed through to find high-quality, relevant content

Google -> Fantastic resource but you have to know exactly what to look for and dig through a lot to find what you need

Specialist Certifications (i.e. Product Marketing Alliance) -> These are my favorite and I collect these like Pokemon - but they are expensive and take up a big chunk of time

This program distills the benefits from the above options into a very tailored experience. No more hunting for the Goldilocks marketing training scenario. This program is it. 


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I'm active on LinkedIn and post cat memes and dog photos on Facebook. Follow me, get to know me, and see if you want to learn from me. No pressure. I'm not for everyone, so no hard feelings!