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Stasha Baldwin

Marketing Team of One

"I got more actionable feedback and direction from one session with Michelle than months within another marketing program I tried. I finally feel like I have a clear path of where I need to focus my energy instead of trying to do everything!"

One-on-One Sessions

You can use up to two (2) one-on-one sessions per month with Michelle (approx. 50 min sessions).

She can help with things like: 

  • Reviewing your Google Analytics data
  • Brainstorming a content calendar
  • Talking through email marketing strategy
  • SEO review of your latest blog post
  • ...and a ton more.

Sometimes you need one-on-one training or to talk through a very specific challenge. That's where one-to-one sessions come in handy to get you unstuck and excited to move forward.

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Your Marketing Toolkit

Whenever we create a new template or guide, we add it to our toolkit library for you to use! 

Some of the most popular tools are: 

  • Ideal customer persona worksheet
  • Event planner for your marketing tactics for a webinar or trade show
  • Brand messaging framework
  • Rebrand checklist
  • Directory listing tracker
  • and so much more!
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Messaging Center

AKA The Break Room

You could do it all alone, but you don't have to! It's better than a Google Search 'cause we've likely already done what you're trying to do and know the shortcuts and tricks.  

Here are some ways to leverage your new community: 

  • Pick Michelle's brain about tech best practices, recommendations, campaign planning, and whatever else! If she's been there before, she can help!
  • Learn from impromptu educational tips from Michelle
  • Ask for strategic advice or to talk out a campaign plan
  • Take the edge off with cat memes and marketing jokes

The Foundations First team is there to answer questions and provide experienced guidance. 

Yes, it's mostly Michelle answering questions and sharing fun tips but we'll have special guest experts too!

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More Live Training: Coming Soon

Grow your skills with live workshops and accountability sessions. We'll soon offer... 

Planning workshops

Do your marketing planning with a group so you actually make time for it!

  • Monthly content: Brainstorm and plan what content you'll produce this month.

  • Quarterly planning: Figure out what worked, what to adjust, what the priorities are.

  • Annual planning: Time to review the past year and plan for the next one!

Weekly accountability

Stay on top of everything with guided, dedicated productivity time 1 hour a week.

  • Week 1: Report on the prior month stats, prep reports for leadership.
  • Week 2: Inbox zero - it's not a myth!
  • Week 3: Task management - update project timelines, add task details, check in with vendors on progress.
  • Week 4: Active file system - this has been a game changer and want to share the system with you!

Michelle Kaufmann

VP Communications

"Michelle brings such a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project. She's always willing to do the research and legwork to give the best advice and recommendations possible. She's a god damn gem."


Common questions about the program:

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